COI with Host Liquor Liability Included

certificate of liability insurance


God's Love We Deliver Rental Policy is that You shall obtain and maintain, at your own cost and expense, and provide evidence of liability insurance in an amount approved by God's Love We Deliver (but in no event in an amount less than [$2,000,000]) which provides coverage for liabilities which arise out of or result from the conducting of the Event.  You agree to provide to God's Love We Deliver a certificate of insurance satisfactory to God's Love We Deliver evidencing such required insurance no later than [30] days prior to the Event, which certificate of insurance shall name God's Love We Deliver as an additional insured. 

Event Holder and/or Outside Caterer must provide God’s Love We Deliver with the following before hosting and event at God’s Love We Deliver. All documents must be submitted to the events team no later than 24 hours before said event.

1. Certificate of Liability (including Liquor Liability) naming God’s Love We Delver as the additional insured. Wording must read: God’s Love We Deliver, its affiliates and subsidiaries are named as additional insured.

2. Copy of an the Caterer’s Alcohol Event Permit


My venue has asked for a certificate of insurance with them added as an Additional Insured. What does this mean and how do I add them?

You, the special event holder, will most likely be required to provide proof of liability insurance to the facility/venue where you have decided to hold your special event. In addition to providing proof (in the form of a piece of paper known as a Certificate of Insurance) to the facility/venue that you have secured a liability insurance policy, you may also be required to add the facility/venue to this required liability insurance policy as an insured. This is known as adding the facility/venue as an Additional Insured to this liability insurance policy, which the facility/venue requires you to purchase before you will be allowed to hold your special event. The practice of a facility/venue requiring that all persons or entities renting or using the site name them as an Additional Insured on a General Liability insurance policy, is quite common. It is so common, in fact, that the required Additional Insured wording or language is generally contained within the Insurance Requirement section of the Facility Rental Agreement or Facility Use Agreement.

My venue has specific wording to be added to the certificate of liability. Can Event Liability Insurance accommodate this?

During the online application process, you can enter your venue's required wording. You will receive your policy documents and certificate of liability instantly online.

What is the difference between HOST Liquor Liability and Liquor Liability? 

Host Liquor Liability needs to be added if you are HOSTING an event where Liquor is served. Liquor Liability needs to be purchased if you are SELLING alcohol. 

  • If there is any money exchanging hands that involves alcohol between the guests and the holder of the event, then liquor liability coverage is needed.
  • If the event holder is not receiving payment in any way from the guests for the exchange of alcohol (for example, a wedding reception where drinks are served free of charge and no purchase is necessary on the behalf of the guests), then host liquor liability coverage is needed. 

What is Host Liquor Liability?

Host Liquor Liability Insurance is included with many policies and provides protection for the event holder/concessionaire against bodily injury or property damage suits brought by parties injured as a result of an intoxicated guest who was served alcohol at an event you hosted. 

How do I get Host Liquor Liability? 

If you purchase Wedsure's Liability Insurance then Host Liquor Liability is included with no additional charge. This is a key wedding coverage, providing protection against bodily injury or property damage suits brought by parties injured as a result of an intoxicated guest who was served alcohol at an event you hosted.

Remember, if there is any charge for admission where alcohol is being served, then you need Liquor Liability.

Liquor liability is available through RVNA Event Insurance at Please visit RVNA Event Insurance for more information on Liquor Liability.


Liquor liability is an option you can purchase if you sell and profit from alcohol sales at the covered event. This type of liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage for which you may be held liable by reason of: Causing or contributing to the intoxication of any person; or Violating any statute, ordinance, or regulation relating to the sale, gift, distribution, or use of alcoholic beverages.

HOW much will this cost?

Depending on the coverage you desire,approx.about $100-$250