do you provide food and drinK?

No, we do not provide any food or drink. You must supply all food, liquor, rentals, staffing, or additional services.

Do we have To use your caterer?

Yes, Canard is our exclusive caterer.  If you wish to bring in an outside catering company, it is a $2,500 fee. Canard known for their creativity and dedication to the best in cuisine and service, and they also can be very flexible in creating an event that works with your budget. To learn more about Canard click here.

Can I just have food dropped off?

Drop- off catering is allowed on a case-by-case basis for smaller events (usually meetings). It is not recommended for large private parties such weddings, bridal showers, graduations, etc.

If drop –off catering is approved for your special event, you may be required to hire some event staff to maintain the venue, protect the venue from damages, and clean/breakdown. Please note that if you are approved for a drop-off, you are solely responsible for all catering duties and maintenance. 

will i be charged a buy-out fee for drop-off catering? 

No, drop off catering is not considered an “outside company” and will not be charged a catering buy-out.

Do you have a preferred list of drop-off options? 

We would be happy to provide recommendations that we love and have worked with in the past, but you can order from whomever you wish.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

No, all alcohol must be served by a Canard bartender. .


What’s included in the space rental price?

Our prices include all of our house furniture, AV technology, state-of-the-art Demonstration Kitchen,  5th Floor Event Space, Private Terrace and Rooftop Herb Garden.  Our price also include setup and breakdown of house furniture.  For more about what is included please click HERE.

does your price include food, drink, or staff?

No. You must supply all food, liquor, rentals, staffing, or additional services.

Do you have a rental minimum?

Yes, we have a 4 hour minimum.


Yes, all events will be charged a $125 cleaning fee. 

How does payment work?

Space rental payment is due in full to book your day. You can pay online through a private link, or email a check to: 

God’s Love We Deliver
ATTN: Chrissy Basham
166 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013

What is your cancellation policy?

We can provide you with a full refund if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your event

What about damages?

We require a $2,500 security deposit on a separate check, or we can keep your credit card number on file.  

do you charge overtime? 

Yes, any time outside of your purchased rental will be charged at $500 hour. 

is time to set up and breakdown included in the price?

Yes, we will provide you with one hour before and after your event for setup and breakdown .

Is my payment tax deductible?

Yes, any payment greater than $6,000 is 50% tax deductible as a donation to charity. 

Event Services

do you provide event staff or services that are included in my price? 

God’s Love We Deliver does not provide any event staff, bartenders, security, or caterers. We are not responsible for maintaining the party flow, set-up/break-down of party equipment, loading equipment in/out of building, or making sure guests leave in a timely manner.

We do provide set-up and tear-down of our house furniture (not rentals), janitorial service and cleaning (Trash, Vacuum, Wiping Tables), AV assistance, drop-off catering management (will receive the order, help set it up, maintain the display) and light administrative support (last minute printing needs, uploading PPT decks, etc).

We also provide an Event Manager that will be in the building during your event if any issue arises.

Do you require security on-site?

Yes, all events over 50 guests with alcohol require security. We exclusively use Meyerson Security. A security guard is $425.00.

  •  If you have 50-100 guests, you will need one guard
  • If you have 100-150 guests, you will need two guards
  • If you have 150-200 guests, you will need three guards

What are my responsibilities?

If Canard is onsite, they will take care of the following. However, if you do not have a caterer, you are responsible for the below tasks:

  • Maintaining the party flow and guiding guests
  • Set-up/break-down of all rented party equipment
  • Loading all event equipment in/out of building in a safe and orderly manner
  • Make sure Your guests leave in a timely manner
  • Enforcing that no drinks are set on the ledges of the terrace (if security is not present) 
  • Confirming that room is cleaned and empty by your designated end time to avoid overtime charges. 
  • Basic clean up after the event
    • Throwing all trash and recycling in designated receptacles
    • Bagging trash and leaving it by the elevator
    • Disposing of all leftover food and drop-off catering supplies
    • Washing dirty in-house dishes and platters
    • Cleaning up spills
    • Wiping tables
    • Removal and storage of all decorations


  • Setting up and tearing down of our house furniture (not rentals)
  • Janitorial service and cleaning (Trash, Vacuum, Wiping Tables)
  • Basic AV assistance
  • Managing drop-off catering (will receive the order, help set it up, maintain the display)
  • Maintaining the GLWD Coffee/Tea
  • Helping direct caterers with setup/breakdown
  • Light administrative support (last minute printing needs, uploading PPT decks, etc)
  • Monitoring the room temperature
  • Communicating with GLWD staff (reception, facilities) on your behalf
  • Doing a visual check for damages after event



Yes! We have a Guest WiFi and password that you can use during your event.


There are a couple ways you can do this! 

  1. You can send it to the Event Manager, who can then load it up and test it for your prior to the event
  2. You can bring it on a USB and drop it on our computer
  3. You can use an HDMI to connect your laptop to our screens. We have 2 floor boxes to plug in a USB cable. 

Do you have music? 

Yes, we have Spotify hooked up to our system. Just find a playlist you like, and you are good to go! If you want to play music from your phone, we can hook it up with an AUX cable.


No, our TV monitors in our demo kitchen have no recording capability. 

Do you provide an AV Tech?

No, our AV is very user-friendly. Your GLWD Event Manager can load up presentations for you, or troubleshoot if an issue arises, however they are not expected to be up there the whole time and act as your AV Tech. We suggest designating somebody from your party to be in charge of AV, and doing a run-through during your setup time.


Do you need insurance?

Yes. we need a COI from you and all vendors. If you work with Canard, this will not be an issue as they umbrella you under theirs.

 If you choose to bring in an outside company, or bring in other vendors we do require that you shall obtain and maintain, at your own cost and expense, and provide evidence of liability insurance in an amount approved by God's Love We Deliver (but in no event in an amount less than [$2,000,000]) which provides coverage for liabilities which arise out of or result from the conducting of the Event.

If you need to apply for a COI, you can reach out to K&K Insurance regarding securing the special event policy.  Their phone number is 877-648-6404 and the website is :https://www.kandkinsurance.com/sites/events/Pages/Short-Term-Special-Events.aspx

Do you have a loading dock and how does it work with deliveries? 

Yes. Our loading dock hours are between 11am-3pm, due to volunteer activites. Because of this reason, we do not require Party Rentals to be dropped off and picked up within your rental window. All Party Rentals must be delivered Monday -Friday between 11am-3pm no sooner than the day before your event, and picked up the day after your event 11am-3pm. For a weekend event, they can be dropped off Friday and picked up Monday.

can i have things picked up the next day? 

Party Rentals - yes. Everything else (floral, decor, etc) MUST be cleared out that night. 

Can I leave decorations up, and take them down the next day? 

No, our 5th Floor Event Space is used by our staff daily and must be returned to its original layout immediately after each event.

Can I ship materials to you beforehand, or can i drop off decor the day before? 

Materials, food, liquor, supplies, equipment or other items relating to, or to be used in conjunction with your event may not be stored in the building longer than 24 hours before or after your event. All supplies stored in the building must be approved in writing. If you would like to ship materials, please mail them to:

God’s Love We Deliver
ATTN: Chrissy Basham
166 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013

Do you allow live music, or a DJ?

Yes, we do allow live music or a DJ, but all music on the terrace and rooftop herb garden must be off at 10pm due to neighborhood noise ordinances. 

Do you allow smoking on the rooftop or terraces? 

No, we are a non-smoking building. If you guests would like to smoke, they need to exit the building from the lobby. 

CAN I COOK in the demo kitchen during my event? 

We do allow use of the demo kitchen on a case-by-case basis. They may be additional fees involved. 

Do guests need to check in? How do they get into the venue? 

No, we do not require a guest list for your event. Our receptionist will be in the lobby for the duration of the event. When your guests arrive, they need to simply let reception know they are here for the event, and she will direct them up to the 5th Floor or the Rooftop.

Does your elevator lock? Will we have a key card?  

Usually our elevator is locked during business hours, but it will be open for the duration of your event. 

What is your curfew?

Our building must be closed and in a broom-clean condition by 11pm. Usually breakdown must start at 10pm to make this happen.

Can you tent the terraces or rooftop herb garden?

Yes, it is possible. We have contacted Nassau Tenting about tenting the terrace or rooftop before. You will be able contact somebody there for an estimate. If you do connect with someone from there, please let me know and we will connect them with our Facilities Director for any coding or logistical questions.